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Highway Access

  • Wayne County is located at the intersection of US 4-laned Highways 45 and 84
  • US Highway 45 is a north-south highway which runs from Lake Superior in Michigan to Mobile, Alabama
  • US Highway 84 is an east-west highway which runs from Colorado to the Atlantic Ocean in Georgia






  • Additionally, Interstates 59, 10, and 20 all lie within 1 hour of Wayne County


Rail Access

  • Wayne County is served by the Meridian Southern Railway, a shortline railroad
  • The Meridian Southern connects to the Class I Kansas City Southern Railway and Norfolk Southern Railway 40 miles from Wayne County in Meridian, Mississippi


Deep Water Ports

  • Wayne County is located 63 miles from the Alabama State Docks, in Mobile, Alabama
  • Alabama State Docks Overview: Over 4 million sq. ft. of warehouse and open yard space, 40 foot deep water
  • Imports into the Alabama State Docks include: Heavy Lift & Oversized Cargo, Containers, Coal, Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Copper, Lumber, Woodpulp, Plywood, Fence Posts, Veneers, Roll and Cut Paper, Cement, and Chemicals.
  • Exports out of the Alabama State Docks include: Heavy Lift & Oversized Cargo, Containers, Coal, Lumber, Plywood, Woodpulp, OSB, Laminate, Flooring, Roll and Cut Paper, Iron, Steel, Frozen Poultry, Soybeans, and Chemicals

    Click here to view the Alabama State Docks website

  • The Port of Pascagoula, located 82 miles from Wayne County, is the largest seaport in the State of Mississippi.  Over 35 million tons move through the port annually.  Inbound cargoes include: Forest Products, Crude Oil, Phosphate Rock, Chemicals, and Aggregate.  Outbound cargoes include: Forest Products, Paper Products, Frozen Poultry, Petroleum Products, Fertilizer, Chemicals, and Project Cargo.

Click here to view the Port of Pascagoula website.


  • Additionally, Wayne County is located 114 miles from the Port of Gulfport, Mississippi, and 161 miles from the Port of New Orleans







  • Mobile Regional Airport (MOB) located 64 miles from Wayne County offers multiple flights daily to and from Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Charlotte via American, Delta, United, and USAirways Airlines
  • Meridian Regional Airport (MEI) located 38 miles from Wayne County offers 2 American Airlines flights per day to and from Dallas
  • Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport (PIB) located 37 miles from Wayne County offers 2 American Airlines flights per day to and from Dallas


Our Community

Wayne County is home to natural resources which makes it a perfect fit for many businesses.  Browse our website to learn about the wood, oil & gas, and agricultural resources which can make your company successful.  Also, learn about our close proximity to the growing Southern Automotive and Aerospace markets giving us quick access to companies known around the world.

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