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Retail Leakage from Wayne County

Wayne County has the following retail leakage per year, meaning all the sectors below present a chance for a retailer to capture the dollars currently leaving Wayne County:

Industry Group   Wayne County Demand   Wayne County Supply Retail Dollars Leaving Wayne County
Automobile Dealers $29 milion $16.3 million $12.7 million
Electronics & Appliance Stores $2.9 million $221,000 $2.7 milion
Building Materials, Lawn & Garden Stores  $5.4 million $3.7 million $1.7 million
Grocery Stores $17.8 million $5.1 million $12.7 million
Gas Stations $21 million $15.3 million $5.7 million
Clothing Stores $5.4 million $1.9 million $3.5 million
Shoe Stores $1.3 million $0 $1.3 million




Click here to view the entire Wayne County Retail Surplus/Leakage PDF.


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Source of Business and Labor Numbers:  Troy University

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Wayne County is home to natural resources which makes it a perfect fit for many businesses.  Browse our website to learn about the wood, oil & gas, and agricultural resources which can make your company successful.  Also, learn about our close proximity to the growing Southern Automotive and Aerospace markets giving us quick access to companies known around the world.

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